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YouTube for business : online video marketing for any business
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YouTube for business : online video marketing for any business

Auteur: Michael Miller
Uitgever: Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, ©2009.
Editie/materiaalsoort:   Gedrukt boek : EngelsAlle edities en materiaalsoorten bekijken.
Provides information on marketing a business online with YouTube.
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Genre/vorm: Webcast
Internet videos
Vidéos sur Internet
Materiaalsoort: Internetbron
Soort document: Boek, Internetbron
Alle auteurs / bijdragers: Michael Miller
ISBN: 9780789737977 0789737973
OCLC-nummer: 223934912
Opmerkingen: Includes index.
Beschrijving: xviii, 265 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Inhoud: Introduction --
How this book is organized --
Conventions used in this book --
Web pages --
Special elements --
There's more online --
Get ready to YouTube --
I. Marketing your business online with YouTube --
1. How YouTube can help you market your business --
A short history of YouTube --
YouTube : the early days --
YouTube launches--and gets acquired --
YouTube today --
Is video right for your business? --
What types of businesses can use YouTube? --
What kinds of videos can you produce? --
Inform and sell --
Educate and sell --
Entertain and sell --
How can you use YouTube to market your business? --
YouTube for brand awareness --
YouTube for product advertising --
YouTube for retail promotion --
YouTube for direct sales --
YouTube for product support --
YouTube for product training --
YouTube for employee communications --
YouTube for recruiting --
The big picture --
2. Developing your YouTube marketing strategy --
What is the purpose of your YouTube videos? --
Who is your customer? --
What does your customer want or need? --
What are you promoting? --
What is your message? --
How does YouTube fit within your overall marketing mix? --
How will you measure the results of your YouTube videos? --
What type of video content is best for your goals? --
Repurposed commercials --
Infomercials --
Instructional videos --
Product presentations and demonstrations --
Real estate walk-throughs --
Customer testimonials --
Company introductions --
Expert presentations --
Business video blogs --
Executive speeches --
Company seminars and presentations --
User or employee submissions --
Humorous spots --
The big picture --
3. Tips for producing more effective YouTube videos --
Tips for creating better-looking videos --
Get the size right --
Shoot for the smaller screen --
Accentuate the contrast --
Invest in quality equipment --
Shoot professionally --
Use two cameras --
Be professional--or not --
Don't just recycle old videos--re-edit them, too --
Consider creating a slideshow --
Hire a pro --
Break the rules --
Tips for improving your video content --
Be entertaining --
Be informative --
Go for the funny --
Keep it short --
Keep it simple --
Stay focused --
Communicate a clear message --
Avoid the hard sell --
Keep it fresh --
Design for remixing --
Tips for generating sales --
Include your Website's address in the video --
Include your URL in the accompanying text --
Link from your profile --
The big picture --
Profile : Blendtec --
Inside Blendtec --
The "will it blend?" campaign --
Low costs, big results --
Advice for other businesses. II. Producing your YouTube videos --
4. Understanding audio/video technology --
Understanding compression --
Understanding video resolution --
Standard versus high definition --
YouTube resolution --
Exploiting lower resolution --
High-quality videos --
Understanding video file formats --
AVI --
DivX --
DV --
Flash video --
H.264 --
QuickTime Movie --
RealVideo --
Windows Media video --
Xvid --
Choosing the right file format for YouTube --
Converting existing videos to YouTube format --
The big picture --
5. Shooting Webcam videos --
Understanding Webcam video --
When a Webcam makes sense --
Creating a video blog --
Reporting from the road or special events --
Responding to immediate issues --
Capturing customer testimonials --
Tips for shooting an effective Webcam video --
Make it immediate --
Keep it simple --
Watch the lighting --
Minimize the background noise --
Uploading Webcam video to YouTube --
Uploading Webcam video files --
Uploading live Webcam video --
The big picture --
6. Shooting semi-pro videos --
Understanding consumer video equipment --
How camcorders work --
Examining camcorder formats --
Choosing a camcorder --
Prosumer and high definition camcorders --
Selecting essential accessories --
Building a computer for video editing --
When a semi-pro video makes sense --
Video blogs --
Executive messages --
Product demonstrations --
On-the-scene reports --
Shooting a semi-pro video --
Shooting in the office --
Shooting outside the office --
Transferring videos to your PC for editing --
Transferring from a digital camcorder --
Transferring from an analog camcorder --
Tips for shooting an effective semi-pro video --
Shoot digitally --
Keep the proper resolution in mind --
Use a tripod --
Lighting matters --
Use an external microphone --
Watch the background --
A little movement is good ... --
... but too much movement is bad --
Shoot from different angles --
Close-ups are good --
Don't center the subject --
Shoot to edit --
Use a teleprompter --
Dress appropriately --
The big picture 7. Shooting professional videos --
Why create a professional video for YouTube? --
Advantages of professional videos --
Disadvantages of professional videos --
What makes a professional video professional --
Shooting in the studio --
Shooting in the field --
Preparing for a professional video shoot --
Make friends with makeup --
Learn your shooting angles --
Wait for the lighting --
Prepare for multiple takes --
The big picture --
8. Editing and enhancing your videos --
Choosing a video-editing program --
Tier one : free programs --
Tier two : inexpensive programs --
Tier three : mid-range programs --
Tier four : high-end programs --
Using a video-editing program --
Editing together different shots --
Inserting transitions between scenes --
Inserting titles and credits --
Creating other onscreen graphics --
Adding background music --
Getting creative with other special effects --
Converting and saving video files --
The big picture --
Profile : Charles Smith Pottery --
About Charles Smith and his pottery --
Selling pottery via YouTube --
Making educational videos--
Advice for other businesses. III. Managing your YouTube videos --
9. Uploading your videos to YouTube --
Uploading Videos from your computer --
Starting the upload process --
Entering information about your video --
Selecting the video to upload --
Uploading the video --
Editing video information --
Removing a video from YouTube --
The big picture --
10. Creating a YouTube presence --
Working with channels --
Viewing a channel profile --
Personalizing your YouTube channel --
Managing your channel's video log --
YouTube channel marketing --
Working with groups --
Joining an existing group --
Creating a new group --
Working with friends and contacts --
Adding a friend to your list --
Sending messages to your friends --
Reading messages from other users --
Dealing with viewers and viewer comments --
Enabling comments, video responses, ratings, embedding, and syndication --
Approving comments and video responses --
Dealing with negative comments --
Removing viewer comments and responses --
Blocking members from leaving comments --
Unsubscribing users from your channel --
Responding to negative comments --
The big picture --
11. Incorporating YouTube videos on your own Website --
Adding YouTube video links to a Web page --
Linking to an individual video --
Linking to your YouTube channel--or list of videos --
Embedding YouTube videos in a Web page --
Embedding a basic video --
Customizing the embedded video player --
Embedding a video list in your Webpage --
The Big picture --
Profile : Annette Lawrence, ReMax ACR Elite Group, Inc. --
Welcome to Annette's world --
Promoting real estate the YouTube way --
Producing an effective real estate video --
Promoting the videos --
Advice to other businesses. IV. Working with YouTube video blogs --
12. Managing a video blog --
What a video blog is--and why you need one --
Creating and maintaining a video blog --
Creating the vlog --
Creating vlog posts --
Adding YouTube videos to your blog or vlog --
Configuring YouTube for your blog --
Posting a video to your blog --
Managing your video blog --
The big picture --
13. Integrating text blogs and video blogs --
Communicating with your customers online --
Your people are your message --
Expanding your message across the Web --
Syndicate! --
Link! --
Promote! --
Be social! --
Make your blog/vlog search friendly --
Post your videos on multiple sites --
What makes a good video blog? --
Managing a multiple-channel online marketing mix --
Converting viewers to paying customers --
The big picture --
Profile : Stone Brewing Company --
Welcome to the world of Stone Brewing Company --
Promoting the company via a video blog --
The making of a video blog --
Advice to other businesses. V. Promotion and monetization --
14. Tracking performance --
Why tracking is important --
Fine-tuning your efforts --
Measuring effectiveness --
Planning future activities --
Tracking basic viewership --
Gaining insight --
Insight views --
Insight popularity --
Insight discovery --
Tracking effectiveness --
Tracking interactivity --
Tracking traffic --
Tracking direct sales --
The big picture --
15. Promoting your YouTube videos --
Start with great content --
Entertain, inform, or educate --
Target your content --
Optimize your tags --
Write a compelling title --
Pick the best thumbnail image --
Take advantage of YouTube's community features --
Sharing with friends --
Broadcasting bulletins --
Use email marketing --
Reach out to the blogosphere --
Post to other Web forums --
Work the social networks --
Run a contest --
Promote traditionally --
Upload to other video-sharing sites --
The big picture --
16. Generating revenues from your YouTube videos --
Directly selling products and services --
Create a video with value --
Direct viewers to your Website --
Close the sale on your Website --
Selling advertising around embedded videos on your own Website --
Embedding videos on your Website --
Adding click-through advertising --
Using Google AdSense --
The big picture --
Profile : D-Link --
D-link meets the Web --
YouTube as part of the online marketing mix --
Impacting sales --
Different types of videos --
Advice for other businesses --
Verantwoordelijkheid: Michael Miller.
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Provides information on marketing a business online with YouTube.


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