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Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ : Creates Good Christian Conduct.

by Joan Jessalyn Cox

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Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ Creates Good Christian Conduct   (2018-05-03)


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by JoanJessalyn


Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct Joan Jessalyn Cox Second book in the Foundational Faith In Truth Bible Study series, 236 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9780999161708 (eBook) available $2.99 9780999161715                 (Reviewed: November 2017)


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In Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ, Joan Jessalyn Cox teaches foundational biblical principles to help Christians become true examples of Christ’s love by growing in spirituality, increasing their faith, and living in “harmony with the truth of God’s word.” 


Cox believes many Christians, including some ministers, have an elementary understanding of their faith, which hinders their prayers, binds them to sin, and weakens their witness. She aims to counteract the “profusion of confusion” among Christians by teaching the absolute truth of the Bible. To this end, she urges readers to reflect and discover “mind-hooks” or false teachings that have twisted their thinking and behavior. She encourages daily repentance, Bible study and prayer for a victorious life. 


Her wisdom and insight into Scripture bring revelation and conviction as she clearly explains the traits inherent to righteous living, such as integrity, self-discipline, spiritual discernment, and more. Parents will value her candid discussion of proper discipline vs raising children with too much freedom, which she equates to abuse in the form of “fatal neglect.”  Further, Cox’s transparent humility in sharing her own past confusion over the belief that grace was a “license to sin” exemplifies her Christ like humility and bolsters her argument that correcting wrong ideas fosters spiritual growth.


Cox’s biblical wisdom is congruent…with her beautiful message of love for lost souls. The truths she shares are biblically sound and valuable to Christians both new and seasoned. Cox’s…contribution to Christian teaching has the potential to be exceptional.


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“Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct by Joan Jessalyn Cox is the second book in the Foundational Faith in Truth Series, a compelling work that prompts readers to look past their capacity to endure and embrace the strength that flows from believing. This book offers a road map to genuine spiritual growth and shows readers how their relationship with God, one that is deeply rooted in the desire to know God better and to transform the knowledge of Him into practical life, can become a catalyst for a transformed and inspiring life. The author considers one of the most challenging areas of the life of the Christian — trial. She explores the nature of the challenges that readers encounter in their journey of faith, and offers compelling advice on how to use such challenges to deepen their understanding of God’s word and to achieve victory.


There are so many powerful and inspiring passages in this book and readers will enjoy the masterful use of biblical references. One has no doubt that the author writes from a place of personal encounter with the Living Word, a place where she’s experienced the transforming power of God’s truth. I found some points to be very revelatory, such as: “We only have victory when we have overcoming faith in Jesus Christ to reveal to us the reason for the problem and how to handle it better the next time.” Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct is well-written and the writing style is simple and conversational, making its message very accessible. Joan Jessalyn Cox knows how to reach readers, addressing them where they most have the need, and talking about realities that will help them deepen their spiritual life.


~ Reviewed By Di Zape for Readers’ Favorite - Professional Reviewers Rating – 5 Stars


“Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct by Joan Jessalyn Cox is a well-written message that explores the power of faith in Jesus Christ and how it can determine the way we live and the quality of our life. The author moves from the premise that we are what we believe or what we are made to believe in, to exploring what faith in Christ really entails and how it can become a catalyst in making us live a life of meaning and purpose. The book is a kind of training, a call to the awareness of the depth of truth about the Christian faith and what we are all called to become. The reader gets a clear and masterful expose of the wonderful truths about the values of the gospels and what God’s truth is.




Inspired by the message of the Bible, Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct is the kind of book that teaches readers the core message of the Bible and shows how this message can transform their lives, allowing them to experience victories through the one who has conquered the world for them. The book is written in a conversational style and it is packed with references that substantiate the author’s message and arguments. The reader is left in no doubt that they are reading from an expert in the Scriptures. The confidence in the writing comes across powerfully; the texts are well-arranged to read with fluidity. This is a very inspiring book that explains how our conduct can derive from the faith we share in Jesus, and how this faith can determine the levels of success in our life, our relationships, and our business. Joan Jessalyn Cox’s message is timely and revolutionary.”

~ Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite - Professional Reviewers Rating – 5 Stars

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