Lirael, daughter of the Clayr (圖書, 2001) []
Lirael, daughter of the Clayr

Lirael, daughter of the Clayr

作者: Garth Nix
出版商: New York : HarperCollins, ©2001.
版本/格式:   打印圖書 : 小說 : 少年讀者群 : 英語 : 1st ed所有版本和格式的總覽
When a dangerous necromancer threatens to unleash a long-buried evil, Lirael and Prince Sameth are drawn into a battle to save the Old Kingdom and reveal their true destinies.

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類型/形式: Fantasy fiction, Australian
Young adult fiction, Australian
Fantasy fiction
Juvenile works
Juvenile fiction
Juvenile iction
Romans, nouvelles, etc. pour la jeunesse
資料類型: 小說, 少年讀者群
文件類型 圖書
所有的作者/貢獻者: Garth Nix
ISBN: 0060278234 9780060278236 0060278242 9780060278243 9780060005429 0060005424 0060590165 9780060590161 9780061474347 0061474347 9781404635326 1404635327 1864488158 9781864488159 0060528737 9780060528737
OCLC系統控制編碼: 45052727
獎賞: Winner of Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature: National Children's Literature Award 2002
描述: 487 pages ; 24 cm.
内容: An Ill-Favored Birthday --
A Future Lost --
Paperwings --
A Glint in the Snow --
An Unexpected Opportunity --
Third Assistant Librarian --
Beyond the Doors of Sun and Moon --
Down the Fifth Back Stair --
Creatures by Nagy --
Dog Day --
Search for a Suitable Sword --
Into the Lair of the Chief Librarian --
Of Stilken and Strange Magic --
Prince Sameth Hits a Six --
The Dead Are Many --
Into Death --
Nicholas and the Necromancer --
A Father's Healing Hand --
Ellimere's Thoughts on the Education of Princes --
A Door of Three Signs --
Beyond the Doors of Wood and Stone --
Power of Three --
A Troublesome Season --
Cold Water, Old Stone --
A Family Conference --
A Letter from Nicholas --
Sam Makes Up His Mind --
Sam the Traveler --
The Observatory of the Clayr --
Nicholas and the Pit --
A Voice in the Trees --
"When the Dead Do Walk, Seek Water's Run" --
Flight to the River --
Finder --
Remembrancer --
A Denizen of Death --
A Bath in the River --
The Book of the Dead --
High Bridge --
Under the Bridge --
Free Magic and the Flesh of Swine --
Southerlings and a Necromancer --
Farewell to Finder --
Abhorsen's House.
責任: Garth Nix.


When scientist Nicholas Sayre leaves Ancelestierre to cross the Wall into the Old Kingdom, he has no idea he has been lured there by an ancient evil for his help in fulfilling its terrible destiny.  再讀一些...



WorldCat讀者評論 (2)

A nice addition to any library.

評論者是 AnchorageSchools (WorldCat讀者所發佈的 2009-07-21) 好 Permalink

     This is the sequel to the popular Sabriel and in this book Lirael (who is unsure of her paternity and doesn't feel part of the Clayr) must undertake a mission to remove the king's touchstone.  She is a resourceful character that all will find appealing.  This is...
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Fantasy for librarians and dog-lovers!

評論者是 tiamatq (WorldCat讀者所發佈的 2009-01-08) 優秀 Permalink

This is, without a doubt, my favorite book in the Abhorsen series.  It may have something to do with being a librarian, but I think it has much more to do with Lirael and her insecurities, strengths, and maybe even her dog.  I mean, the Disreputable Dog may be the best talking dog EVER. ...
再讀一些...  再讀一些...

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