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Year's best hardcore horror. Volume 2

by Randy Chandler; Cheryl Mullenax;

  Print book : Fiction  |  First Comet Press trade paperback edition

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Selected story summaries   (2019-08-13)


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by billborre

"Bed of Crimson Joy" by Jasper Bark - Rose and Stanley have sex in Peter and Bethany's guest room when they go off on holiday. Later Peter reveals that the bed they occupied should not have been in the house and was part of a sex occult ritual that an old man had offered to Peter and Bethany years ago. The ritual was supposed to reincarnate the old man into Bethany with his consciousness intact but despite signing Latin documents promising eternal punishment she betrayed the old man and got an abortion. The magical fetus is growing inside Rose now and refuses to come to term, instead choosing to remain inside her punishing Peter and Bethany over and over again by pulling them bodily into the womb where they are chewed to pieces and expelled from Rose to be absorbed by the magical bed.

"Redux" by Alexandra Renwick - Peter invents a time machine and murders his neighbor Winnie in order to test it. He enjoys killing her so much that he goes back into time twelve more times to murder her. On the thirteenth attempt she is on her guard from what she thinks is a dream of the twelfth killing and manages to get Peter's gun and shoot him with it. 

"Little Sister, Little Brother" by Sarah L. Johnson - A man goes to live in a building which is owned by twins who are soul vampires. The brother tells him that his soul is too thin and advises him to fatten it up with enriched life experiences before returning to him and his sister.

"Backne" by Tim Miller - A chemical spill turns an employee into a Toxic Avenger-type character leaking highly infectious pus. The government implants tubes into his back in order to collect and weaponize the excretions.



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