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Horowitz horror : stories you'll wish you'd never read

by Anthony Horowitz

  Print book : Fiction : Juvenile audience  |  1st American ed

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Selected story summaries   (2019-04-15)


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by billborre

"Light Moves" - Henry gets a haunted computer from his dad that can predict the winner of horse races. Henry and his friend Leo visit the racetrack but since he's only sixteen he can't place a bet. Garrett used to be a bully at their school and Henry asks him to place the bet for him. After Garrett wins twice in a row he decides to acquire the golden goose for himself. He knows Henry will never reveal his trick so he beats the truth out of Leo and waits until Henry's parents have left the house to steal Henry's computer. Henry threatens to call the police but Garrett gives him some of the winnings and says he'll claim that he bought the computer from him. Henry just wants Garrett out of the house so he doesn't try to stop him. After Garrett starts the computer he demands a name and two words appear on the screen "Light Moves." Garrett is convinced it must be a horse in an upcoming race so he scoops up the computer and dashes out of the house to his car. The two boys hear a tremendous crash and investigate. The computer has been destroyed and Garrett is killed in a collision with a van with the letters "Light Moves" printed on its side.

"The Monkey’s Ear" - Bart buys a monkey's ear for thirty dollars while vacationing with his parents in Marrakesh. The ear is supposed to grant four wishes but when Bart's father Brian wishes for a Rolls Royce an Asian man appears at the door and hands them rice rolls for takeout. The next wish is for a ton of money but when looking for motorists to ticket Brian receives a tin of honey. The third time Brian makes a wish he asks for his hair back again but that evening the house is hit by a hurricane. Bart realizes that the ear is working but it's a deaf monkey. Both father and son fight over the ear and Brian exclaims "I wish you'd go to Hell!" Bart vanishes. 

"The Night Bus" - Nick and his brother Jeremy board the night bus in order to return home but as the bus makes its stops the people who get on board appear to Nick to be more dead than alive. Eventually Nick becomes so disturbed by the experience that he jostles his sleeping brother awake and they depart the bus as it waits for a red light to change. The following morning Nick's mother tells him that the type of bus he's described hasn't been on the road for thirty years and the stops it was making were at all West London's cemeteries which causes Nick to faint.

"Scared" - A woman takes her bratty kid out into the countryside to visit her mother's place and the kid disregards his grandma's instruction to stay on the footpath and becomes lost. Eventually he catches sight of the cottage across a field and angrily makes his way toward it, vowing to commit arson, stopping only to rest upon a pole midway through the field. The countryside has another idea for the young hooligan getting some use of him by converting him into the field's new scarecrow.

"The Man with the Yellow Face" - A man taking pictures in a photo booth receives a premonition warning in form of a photo of an ugly man with a yellow face. At first he thinks the machine is broken but when the time comes to board a train he begins to worry that the man with the yellow face may be a dangerous psychopath on board. The train derails and he is badly burned. Since he did not heed the warning fate had provided he has become the man with the yellow face.

"Killer Camera" - Matthew buys a camera from a guy who had the camera and he used it in some sort of black-magic ritual. He took a picture of a demon and the demon either killed him or frightened him away and now it’s inside the camera. Every time you take a picture with the camera, you kill whatever you’re aiming at. 

"Harriet’s Horrible Dream" - The story states Harriet is having a dream that her father sold her to a restaurant owner who caters to cannibals but the end contradicts that as Harriet opens her eyes to find she is tied to a marble slab in the kitchen as the chef prepares onions.

"A Career in Computer Games" - Kevin answers a job ad for Galactic games and finds himself a live participant in a deathmatch-type game played with actual weapons.




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